Need some more info ?

This offer, as stated in the video above, is only valid until we fill up the spots, after that no more beta testers will be accepted

By joining you aknowledge that this is a platform that is still undergoing testing, and will most likely have some kinds that need to be ironed out, so in a nutshell by joining the platform in beta:

  • There will be bugs
  • There will be downtimes at points where we upload upgrades
  • There will be strange interactions and several WTF? moments
  • Training will be incomplete, and will have to be updated quite often

However, you'll also

  • Get access to it first
  • Get to shape the future of the app
  • Get to suggest new features
  • Get it considerably cheaper than anyone else will ever get it

I like to be clear when releasing software, that you're buying a software that will be updated for a long long time, I've been in the industry for years, and I plan to keep my spot here for many years more. We don't drop the ball on software.

This is just the beginning of the adventure for this software unlike most platforms released in IM, not the end